How to host the best “Bring & Braai”

The warmer weather is upon us. If your home is usually where all your friends unite around the braai, now is the time to get started with your preparations. EvaKool is here to make sure you have the best equipment, know-how and spirit to host the best bring & braai this summer.

If you really want to impress your guests, you have to think outside the box, or just think OUTSIDE, period. With your EvaKool cooler box you can keep all of your drinks and refreshments cold for the entire party, not having to run inside the house to fill up your drinks. A cooler box is the best chance to bring the comfort of your home to the outdoors. Remember that your cooler box can easily be used to sit on when a few more guests arrived than you anticipated. Even during the hot summer days, you can keep your cooler box ice cool with a few tips:

  • We suggest filling up your cooler with ice a few hours before your guests arrive in order to help retain the cold. Clocks of ice melt slower and you can chip off ice as needed.
  • Use frozen bottles of water to save some space in you cooler box whilst keeping other drinks nice and cold.
  • Only open your cooler when necessary.
  • Do not drain the water out of the cooler immediately after the ice starts to melt, it will still keep food and drinks cold.

        Avoid the never ending “who brings what” group chat by setting up a menu and shopping list beforehand, everyone can tick something off of the list and bring it along. If you do not feel like manning the braai while everyone else is having a jol - try and prepare most of the food ahead of time. So be the braai master, get the fire going and make sure the drinks are on ice in your EvaKool cooler box.

            Think you have what it takes to host the best bring & braai? Tag #evakool to tell us how you’re staying cool with your EvaKool cooler box this summer.