7 Tips on how to properly pack an Icecool Evakool Coolerbox

1. Use a cold Icecool Evakool Cooler box
- A cold cooler box will keep the content cooler for longer
-The night before packing your cooler box - place it in a cold place in the house eg: commercial freezer or cold/walking room
-If its winter or cold outside - keep it outside the night before

2. Use ice blocks instead of ice cubes
-Ice blocks simply stay frozen for longer

3. Freeze your content
-Freeze your meat and let it thraw over time
-Freeze your drinks to be completely drink-ready later

4. Keep your Ice Cool Evakool Box closed and latched
-Don't let the cold air leak out and get replaced by warm air

5. Use a divider Evakool Cooler
-Keep your drinks and food separate

6. Clean and airdry your Evakool Cooler after use
-Don't let bacteria and all sorts of funk grow in your cooler
-We suggest cleaning your cooler box with soap and warm water. Perhaps some bleach if it smells funky

7. Store your Icecool Evakool cooler box inside
-It is not made to stand in the sun the whole year round. Please keep it inside in order to last forever