Feature 1: Improved insulation

What makes the #icekool EvaKool cooler boxes different ?
Feature #1
Improved insulation:
The #icekool cooler boxes by EvaKool is made with refrigeration grade polyurethane (ISO Polyal) insulation foam. With a thickness of between 25 mm and 50 mm.
EvaKool is highly respected for its tough cooler boxes. Featuring their legendary insulation and quality fittings, the #icekool EvaKool cooler boxes can store ice for up to 10 days.
Here is a few tips in getting the best out of your #icekool EvaKool cooler box:
  1. Keep your cooler closed and in a shaded area for optimal insulation.
  2. Keep what you are going to eat and drink first, at the top of the cooler so you are not digging, letting all of the cool air escape.
  3. Always use water tight containers to store food items in.
  4. Always chill food and drinks before placing them in your cooler box.
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