Food Safety Tips by Evakool

Without a proper kitchen, a dishwasher and a clean set of pot, pans & cutlery, food safety can be difficult to maintain at the campsite. However, it's just as important outdoors as it is inside your kitchen.
When cold foods become warm or meat is not appropriately handled, everyone is at risk for illnesses. Keep these food safety tips in mind next time you braai at the campsite so you can enjoy a safe & delicious meal with an ice cool drink.

Below are a few of our food safety tips to keep in mind for your next camping or fishing trip:

1. Remember to keep perishable food in your Evakool cooler filled with ice or frozen gel packs.
2. If your packets contain juices from raw meats rather store it at the bottom of the Evakool cooler box, below any fresh produce.
3. Be sure to wash your hands before and after touching raw meat.
4. Keeping perishables cool is essential to avoid food becoming unsafe. Keep in mind that bacteria multiply rapidly at warm temperatures. That’s why we suggest packing two coolers for your trip – one for drinks and the other for perishable food.

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