Feature 4: Height for convenience

Height for convenience
An #icekool EvaKool cooler box is more than just a cooler, it is the best companion on any outdoor adventure.

Rotational moulding is the process used to make the EvaKool cooler boxes, which ensures for excellent insulation, durability and superior strength. It can be used conveniently as a seat and some sizes can even a fit 2L cold drink standing in an upright position.

Here's a tip:
The larger models have enough space for one to pack a cooler box in layers. Use ice blocks at the bottom of the cooler box. You can cover the ice with a thin solid layer like a plastic sheet. This prevents food from getting soggy when the ice starts to melt.

Tag us in any of your #keepitcool adventures with your #icekool EvaKool cooler box.

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