Useful Tips and Suggestions for better performance of your Cooler Box

You will get 3 to 10 days of use from ice with your Evakool Icekool cooler box if you follow some of these tips:

• When not in use, store your Evakool Icekool box with the lid part open and the bung loose, this will allow the cooler box to “breathe”
• The day before loading, put ice into the Evakool Icekool cooler box to cool down the walls
• Put frozen and/or cold products into the cooler box as this will increase the life of the ice
• Organise the product in your cooler box to ensure that you do not have to keep the lid open longer than necessary
• Top up with ice and leave for an hour or so. Shake the cooler box to allow ice to compact with product and drain any water through the by bung. Re-top up the ice in the box to reduce the amount of air space in the cooler box
• Always re-fasten the lid on the cooler to ensure that the seal is maintained. Open your cooler box the least amount of times possible
• Always keep your cooler in the shadiest, coolest spot. Covering the cooler box will definitely help

• Ice quality is extremely important. Well “cured” ice, which has been kept at low temperature in a freezer should be used
• Block ice lasts longer than broken/crushed ice
• You can create your own block ice by freezing drinking water in plastic bottles which becomes a valuable source of ice cold fresh drinking water
• Always ensure the bung is correctly screwed back on
• The recommended ratio of ice to product in a cooler box is approximately 1/3 ice to 2/3 product by volume

• Always wash your cooler box with warm soapy water
• Do not use solvents or other chemicals
• Dry the walls after washing
• Use a shaped piece of polyurethane to create separate areas in your cooler (suggestion).
• Your Evakool Icekool cooler box is strong enough to be used as a seat or a great standing box to look over others at sporting events etc.