Why choose an Evakool cooler box with a divider?

A divider cooler box will allow you to separate different items in your Cooler box for better space management.
  • Keep your drinks in the ice on one side and at the same time have ice on the other side to use for drinking-ice.
  • Keep food or ice separate from other cooled content
  • If you want to keep other food cold for example cheese or vegetables - you can keep the ice on one side and leave the dry food in the other side. This way it doesn't get wet or soggy from your ice.
  • The IK 45 divider and IK 85 divider cooler boxes give you exactly these options with the 45L space and 85L.
  • The Divider is part of the cooler box mold and can't be moved so no liquid can be seeping through to the other side. See images for more detail.

IceKool 47 Liter Cooler Box - View the cooler box here

IceKool 85 Liter Cooler Box - View the cooler box here