Popular Cooler Boxes

How to determine the right cooler for you? Generally speaking, a cooler box is used to keep food and drinks cooler for longer. Ask yourself the following questions:

• Which size cooler do I need?
• How much does the cooler cost?
• Which features does the cooler offer?

See below our most popular cooler boxes as chosen by YOU!

Features to look for:
Thicker walls generally provide better insulation.
Look for strong and good seals around the lid and other openings (such as the drain plug). The better the seal, the more likely you are to keep your food and drinks cold. Rubber seals provide an airtight seal.
It is more difficult to clean the textured lids. Search for smooth surfaces which is easier to clean.
Heavy load? Evakool offers you the 80Litre –IK080W, Icekool with wheels.
Handles should be robust, durable and easy to grip. Check that the handle design and placement facilitates for easy carrying, as some of them can get very uncomfortable when the cooler is full.
A drain plug lets you drain melted ice from your cooler without overturning it. This is an essential feature for larger coolers which may be too heavy to tip. Some of our larger coolers consist of a recessed drainage tap for easier drainage.
Latches and lids
Handles on the Evakool Icekool boxes, can be used as tie down points.
Rustproof, corrosion free and UV treated.
All our cooler boxes are rustproof corrosion free and UV treated.
Branding options
Maximize your exposure with custom branding options.
Spare parts
Accidental damage can be repaired and spare parts are available for the full range of Evakool coolers. Available in 19 models with various sizes and features.
For the past 20 years Evakool has been leaders in the industry with our 5 year “no fuss” warranty.